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The Inn-Spectors

There might be room at the Inn, but it's not up to standards...

"It is census time in Bethlehem and the Inn-spectors have been sent to check that all the accommodation is up to scratch. They are horrified to discover that at one of the inns some visitors have been put in the stable - and a baby has been born amongst the animals!
It will not do at all!
However, as Mary, Joseph, and the donkey tell their story and the special visitors explain the good news, the Inn-spectors realise that this is no ordinary baby and they declare that the stable is fit for a King!"

Part 1

Part 2

The Inn-Spectors

The Inn-Spectors
A play written by Nikki Lewis and published by Out Of The Ark Music. © Out of the Ark Ltd. 2018, recorded and broadcast for the church under license from Out of the Ark Ltd.


The Inn-Spectors released on our YouTube channel on December 13th.


Part 1 and 2 of "The Inn-Spectors" was available as a single DVD for all parents and members of NGC.

Details of how to obtain a copy will be provided if you email: [email protected]

The Inn-Spectors

Acting by several of our World-changing children in the Voltage and Wired age-ranges alongside some of our amazing Kids team and parents.

Thanks to all our cast and crew

A massive thank-you to all the children, parents and team who have worked behind-the-scenes for weeks preparing for the recording of this production. Hours of searching for a suitable play; rewriting it to allow for socially-distanced recording; learning scripts; preparing props and staging; acting; filming & editing.
We couldn't have achieved it if we hadn't all worked together as a family. Thank you for helping us make a fun memory for the kids in the middle of an immensely difficult year.

We would have loved to have presented this to you all in-person but we've done our best to give you the same experience as if you were sitting in the audience. Our amazing children didn't have the opportunity to practice their parts as we normally would and we think they've done a superb job!

Adaptation and Safety

Play adapted into a 2-part broadcast by the NGC kids team for safely recording amidst a global pandemic.

Filmed in separate household, support or school bubbles according to social distance guidelines here in the UK. Edited together to appear as one production to ensure the safety and health of all involved. Masks and PPE were used and building, surfaces and costumes sanitised constantly throughout the day and the building was ventilated.

We want to thank our parents and children for adhering to guidelines and for those isolating to ensure we can film.

The Inn-Spectors Poster

The Inn-Spectors