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We'd love to hear your feedback on how you think we're doing to support you, our amazing families. Please can you spare 5 minutes to provide us with some multi-choice answers. All responses are anonymous unless you leave your details for us to contact you in response to your comments or questions.

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Family Registration Forms

Please Register your family members!

For all families at NGC it's important that you complete one of the registration forms and send it back to us for three main reasons:

  1. It ensures we keep you up-to-date with all of our latest information and include your family on pastoral visits or gift deliveries.
  2. It helps us to ensure the safety and security of your child whilst in our care ( as it includes notes any allergies, medical conditions or additional care and support requirements ).
  3. It helps us to contact you should circumstances change in regards venues or events.

We know that mobile numbers, email addresses and even house addresses change on a moderately regular basis and this last year we've encountered many bounced emails, unknown or incorrect numbers. We don't want to leave any of our World-changers out of the amazing events and activities we have planned, so it's vitally important that even if you think your details are correct, that you download and complete a form then send it back to us to make sure we really do have the right details.

The forms are available in Microsoft Office DOCX format or as a PDF depending on your preference:
Registration .DOCX       Registration .PDF

Either mail your completed registration forms to:
Kids Team
New Generation Church
PO Box 65
Newton Aycliffe,

Email your completed forms back to: [email protected]

Kids & Youth Updates

During lockdown we grew as a church, both in age ranges of children and with several new families being added. We responded accordingly and launched a separate youth ministry to expand on and to separate from our Kids Church in order to best support the growth. Now, with further growth and an ever-growing-population of World-changers, we're looking to offer families a slight update to our provision age ranges.

So what's changing?

We recognised during lockdown that some of our children in their Year 6 at school were more than ready for the next stage of teaching and we made it possible for them to graduate to YPU early. This has worked well in our initial trial, and subsequently through their school and social friendships we've seen growth in YPU with more children around the Y6 age range. Whilst we appreciate all children develop at different rates and that not all children might be ready for the older group, going forward we would like to now offer anyone who is in Year 6 at school the opportunity to graduate to YPU.

Does my child have to move up?

Not at all - We recognise that some children might be the youngest in their year group, and it might be that on a Sunday you feel your child would benefit or prefer to be in Kids Church for now. They may, however, also benefit from going to the YPU youth meet-up on a Friday night. In that regard, they can have the best of both worlds and start to get a taste for the older group each week. When they're ready, they can graduate fully. It might be that you would like them to stay in Kids Church until they're half-way through their Y6 academic year when we start the previous graduation process, so they've had time to grow and mature. We want to offer you, as a family who knows your own children best, the chance and opportunity to make that decision.

My child is in Y6, can they graduate now?

Yes, absolutely - if they are in Y6 and you feel they would benefit by graduating to the youth group, then let's get them plugged-in to the life of YPU as we return to weekly meetings! All we need to know is that this is your wish and the YPU team will begin to provide all the latest information for you and your children. Please contact Matt and Becca and let them know you would like to graduate.

Listening and Adapting

This change is in direct response to how our amazing World-changers have been growing, learning and sharing their faith and in response to the feedback we've received from you. It's such an important time for our children and we want to provide every opportunity for them to grow. We will always listen to your voice and feedback, responding wherever there is need in our community. Thank you for continuing to support the work we're doing to raise the next generation of church leaders. We hope that you will join us in celebrating how well the children have coped and grown during an exceptionally challenging year!

We're so glad that you made NGC your home and we're here to support you throughout every season of your lives. If you have any questions about the provision, please feel free to contact either the YPU or Kids Church team and we'll be happy to discuss the provision with you.

All our love,
Rick, Rach, Matt, Becca
Kids Church & YPU leaders
New Generation Church

Pastoral Care

We are here for you!

This last year has been, without question, one of the most difficult ones in recent history. It has put a huge strain on households, employment and schooling and we know the challenges faced by many of our families. We want you to know, right now, that it's okay to not be okay. We are here for you as part of God's family, to support and listen to you.

If you are going through a tough time or you just need to talk to the team, we're here to help you. God loves you and we do too - you're not on your own.

Please feel free to contact the Kids Team at [email protected]