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New Generation Church Kids Team.


The team at NGC are dedicated to providing the very best environment for our children that is vibrant, welcoming, relevant and supportive.

Our teaching is based in scripture and we currently utilise resources produced by the Hillsong Kids team along with our own resources to create an engaging and Christ-centred curriculum each week.

Heading up the team, Rick and Rach turn the vision of the leadership at NGC into a weekly programme that the children can follow in an engaging and exciting format.

Each week the children engage in a time of prayer and praise, teaching and discussion to bring a relevant and Christ-centred message of hope to a new generation. Every child is given the opportunity to engage, respond and grow in faith.

Our rooms are vibrant places in which children can engage, learn and build friendships with their peers and with our volunteer staff.

Our team are visible in Red "NGC Kids" T-Shirts each week so children and parents can find a member of the team easily in our services. Only vetted team members are allowed in the main Kids rooms, if you wish to visit our facilities before the service please speak to a member of the team.
In our Tiny Sparks room we ask that only parents with babies or young toddlers use this facility. A member of our team will be available to provide support finding equipment and ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for you and your family for feeding or settling restless younger children.

For safety and security of children in our care, we have an electronic sign-in system at each service. We will provide your children with a sticker which must be attached to their front or back which states their name, allergy information and your contact details along with a unique code that matches a sticker you as a parent will receive. On signing-out these will be verified and your child will be signed out.
To avoid delays and queues, please ensure you give sufficient time before the service begins to enter your details onto our systems if it is your first time visiting Kids Church. We open registration half an hour before the service begins.


Kids Team
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For any and all queries we can be reached at:
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The Team

Dedicated to the support, care and education of our children our current team is:

RickRick ( head of Kids Church )
RachRach ( head of Kids Church )